Week 23rd SI - Scoil Naomh Áine NS

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Week 23rd SI

Exceptional closure work for children > Classwork 23rd march

Senior infants

Continue to read list 1-4 of your dolch lists in yellow copy every day, try a different order every day.
Read books from home every day.
Phonics ‘ck’ at the end. Every day make a list of words in your copy.Mon: ‘ack’ words    Tue:ick     Wed:‘ock’   Thurs ‘ eck’      Fri: ‘uck’   
Do pg 18 in Just Phonics. And/Or make ‘ck’ sentences in you copies. Practise reading your ‘ck’ words. Pgs 19 and 20 can be done this week also if wanted.
Do pg 35/36 in big handwriting books; T, t, Y, y. extra can be done in copies if needed and corresponding pages in small book.

Maths: https://www.folensonline.ie. create a free ac. Use Prim20 as Roll number.
Practise counting to 100 every day and write number sin your copy as far as you can.
Count items around the house e.g. teddies, toys, lego in bundles of 20 or more
Big planet maths book pgs 89, 90 focusing on the language; on, under, beside, between, behind, in, in front of. A similar activity can be done in copies if wanted; draw a --- behind a -----.
Big Planet maths book pgs 26, 27 making patterns. Make extra patterns in copies if you wish.

Irish: abair liom on https://www.folensonline.ie.
abair Liom B.
chapter 24 Hansel and Gretel for this week. Story and flash cards with the words and pics are online. (the stories are usually very tricky. )
pg 85. Draw hansel and Gretel, colour the pic.
Write and draw these words in your copies; ag gáire, ag rith, teach, milseán, ag caoineadh, tine, seacláid,

In keeping with our theme of ‘the Restaurant’ in Aister it would be great to dress up as a chef, waiter etc and play Restaurant!
Make some menus for the restaurant/helping with dinner time at home
Set up a restaurant at home and make some labels for it.
Unlocking SESE (also available on www.folensonline.ie) pg 43 keep a weather diary for the week. Pg46 clothes when I was a baby, clothes now. Pg 47 clothes I wear in different types of weather.

P.E ideas as well as your normal sports and outdoor play.
www.gonoodle.com      Joe Wicks kids workouts online.     www.cosmickids.com  

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