Week 23rd 6th class - Scoil Naomh Áine NS

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Week 23rd 6th class

Exceptional closure work for children > Classwork 23rd march

Hi all hope you're keeping busy . Here is some more work just to keep you on your toes. Continue to finish the work from the first sheet as well

Remember lets keep active everyday- lots of ideas on our website page or just get out and run,kick a ball, walk,play catch do some gardening and .keep smiling :).

Maths- Lets have a look at 3D shapes-P155 of your book will help. Can you draw and colour these 3D shapes- cube,prism,shere,cylinder,cone,triangular prism,square based pyramid,triangular based pyramid.Look at the example box on page 155 - write out what the words face,edge and vertex mean. can you find examples of 3D shapes at home- make a list

Better English- P68 C. P69 read the story of Senna again and summarise it(about half a page) Do A, B and C p69 . Then try A,B,C p.70

Bun go barr-P 136" ag" words take the first 10 and draw pictures to explain them- write the word under your picture.
P 91 J look at the words can we figure out what they mean- write the word and its meaning  put 5 of them in sentences
Try to say 5 phrases each day as gaeilge-  examples-go raibh maith agat, an bhfuil cead agam deoch a fháil, An bhfuil cead agam féachaint ar an teilifís, Óiche Mhaith ,An bhfuil sé in am lón
Remember there are lots of great activities to do- reading ,puzzles,baking, lego ,minecraft and most of all helping out at home.

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