Week 23rd 4th class - Scoil Naomh Áine NS

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Week 23rd 4th class

Exceptional closure work for children > Classwork 23rd march

               Monday 23rd - Friday 28th March
Dear Parents,
I hope this email finds you and your family well.
The email might appear long but I have to explain how to use 'Spellings For Me' as it will be a new programme for the kids!
I have added in a little new work on top of the work sent home last week. However, you should continue with the work from last week and add to it with this work. If your child is spending too much time on work then get them to stop and take a movement break around the house or outside! Keeping active during this time is so important!!

Spellings for Me.

Each child has a login username and password for Spellings for Me. It is very important they are case sensitive when logging in. Most of the work will be carried on offline for the moment, but the online resource will be helpful if you want to look at teacher's manuals or the sample child's book which provides a lot of help in the beginning!
All the children have been given their new booklets for this spelling programme. They were given their learning words on an A4 page. These words were generated from their recent assessments! Children should cut out Grid 1 and stick these 12 words on the first page of their new booklet on the space provided.  Please record the date on top right hand corner.
The children will need to follow instructions for the learning of these words. One grid of spellings is equal to one week's work! It might be a good idea to stick in all the grids into your booklet in the spaces provided just in case the sheet goes missing! If you do not have an A4 sheet with spellings, you can find your spelling list in 'Reports' where it will generate the learning words for you. Otherwise contact me and I can email them on to you!
So to get started, the children must draw a picture of the word or a picture they associate with the word. Then write a silly sentence that helps them to remember the word and finally Look-Say-Picture-Write-Cover-Check (LSPWCC) in the space provided. They must continue to do this for all 12 of the words in Grid 1.  
By clicking on the link below, you will see examples of work in the spelling book.
The children should then continue to complete an activity per day on the spellings using their new spelling words.
If there is any confusion, the teachers manual is a pdf which can be found in the 'Printables' section which you can refer to at any stage. However the link above provides examples of the various activities you find in the spelling book throughout the course of the programme. This link can also be found in the 'printables' section of Spellings for me. It is the second option called Sample Spellings For Me Booklet .
This is a brand new programme for the kids so they may need your help getting into the swing. Once they have completed a week or two they will be able to follow on themselves more independently!

Continue to read library books for enjoyment. Try to read as much as you can each day!! Record the books you read so when we come back to school you can share this information with your friends! :)

1. Practice writing your name and address in your copy. Be sure to use capital letters, commas, correct spacing and positioning. Have a look at my sample address below. Look at where I used capital letters and commas! Each part of my address goes on a new line! Get your parent to check your work!!
Ms. Robinson,
Rathgarogue N.S.,
New Ross,
Co. Wexford.

2. Write a letter or an email to a family member you have not seen recently. Describe what you are doing at home with your time and any new games you have created and played. Describe the weather and how your pets are keeping! Ask them how they are and if they have started any new hobbies and that you would love to hear back from them!

Ms. Cleary, Ms.Keever and Ms. Robinson's maths groups are to continue with the work that was provided last week doing a little bit each day. Regarding tables, children should be revising x5 and x6, this week.
https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-buttonis a great site for practicing tables.
Also use playing cards to revise ALL your tables! Play table snap with a family member! Remember King is equal to 12, Queen is 11, Jack is 10 and an Ace is equal to 1.
Complete Mental Maths Activities 1-4 p.30-31 from Planet Maths. Complete one of these per day.

Briathre le Fhoghaim:
Cuir na focail nua isteach san abairtí. Put each verb in a sentence.
1. Shleamhnaigh mé - I Slipped;     2. Thaispeáin mé- I showed;    3. Tharraing mé- I pulled/I drew

Frásaí Gaeilge to be used at home: (oral work only)
Dia duit – Dia is Muire duit.
Cad is ainm duit? ___ is ainm dom.
Conas atá tú? – Tá mé go maith/ ar fheabhas.
Cá bhfuil tú i dó chónaí? – Tá mé i mo chónaí i Loch Ghormáin.
Cén aois thú – Tá mé deich mbliana d’aois.  

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