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Last Friday, the 3rd of June, the German Deutch Mobile visited our school, Scoil Naomh Áine. Two women named Ursla and Catherina taught our class about the German language and culture.

Firstly we all sat around a big colour wheel and introduced ourselves to each other in German. After that we gathered aound a map and learned about the capital of Germany. Catherina then tested us on our knowledge about Germany. We learned the names of many foods and were rewarded with little packets of German Haribo sweets.

Then we had to get into pairs and were given cards and we had to match the foods with their German names. After everyone completed the task Ursla and Catheina gathered us together and took us outside to show off their fancy Audi (The Deutch Mobile). Five lucky peope got selected to sit inside the car and the rest of us waved our German flags and a picture of us was taken.

Finally we went back inside and got to choose two German badges each. Shortly after we received our badges Ursla and Catherina had to leave. We thanked them for our wonderful German lesson and waved farewell. We really appreciatde getting to be part of the Deutch Mobile and wish them the best of luck in the future.

By Ciara Lynch and Aoife Murphy - 6th class

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