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Senior Infants Ms Furlong

Exceptional closure work for children > Class work for 18th - 20th March

Here is some work that your child can do at home in the event of unexpected closures. Children can do a little bit every day and it doesn’t need to be done in order. Children might even come up with some of their own ideas for writing and Maths. All work can be done in the red copy in homework folders.

Senior Infants. Ms Áine  Furlong

Reading books from home every day.
Using their Dolch words lists 1 -4 from the yellow copy in their homework folders to make sentences. Children can make more than one sentence with each word. Children can  draw pictures to go with the sentences to show understanding of the sentence.
Make word lists/sentences for the following phonics sounds; ch, th, sh, wh, ee, ai, oi, ie, oa, ou, ill, all, ell,

Using simple Irish phrases and words at home every day.
Call out Irish words that children have had for homework this year and children can draw pictures to go with .e.g.  peann luaidhe/scriosán/mála scoile/cathaoir/clár bán/doras/fuinneog/geansaí/t-léine/stocaí/bróga/airgead/siopadóir/úll/arán/prátaí/cáca/ etc

Everyday maths such as; Helping with measuring for baking, telling the time, counting items, using money while playing shop.
In their copies, write down all the sums that add to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Practise the formation of all letters 0-10
Draw 2d shapes in copies. Find 2d and 3d shapes around the house.

SESE; History, Geography, Science
Write down the signs of spring.
Draw and label a picture showing the signs of spring.
Draw a map of your house/your bedroom and label it; kitchen/sitting room etc.
Draw and label animals and their babies e.g. cow/calf
Write ‘All About Me’
Show your favourite fairy tale/story in pictures.
Draw a plan of a building/construction in copies and then Build with lego, blocks etc
Write a weather report for any day.


Draw/write ‘how to be a good friend’.
Draw/write ‘how to practise good hygiene’

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