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Our Proclaimation for 2016



On behalf of Scoil Naomh Áine, we issue this Proclamation on the 100 th Anniversary of the 1916 Proclamation.
We the pupils of Scoil Naomh Áine pledge the right to a peaceful and fair country. As our ancestors fought so hard for this country, which we strive to protect and maintain, we declare there will be no violence or war in the future. We pledge our lives to keeping this republic, that our past citizens have earned, peaceful and civilised. We as children dislike seeing our nation’s children living on the streets, so we will help tackle this problem of homelessness in any way we can. We will strive to ensure that the young people of this nation will have the right to access a well paying job and a roof over their heads in the future.

We as a school and a nation declare the right to keep our lakes, rivers and oceans clean and unpolluted. We shall adopt green energy that will continue to produce power for the future citizens of our country. We are the next generation, if we carry on polluting, and littering this way, imagine what our world will become? We will start killing our beloved plants and animals, and encourage global warming. We have the power to stop this, if we act now.

The rebels of 1916 fought and lost their lives so we can live the happy life we do today. In Ireland  we have a range of unique cultures and traditions such as music, song, dance, sports and our Irish language. Our ancestors fought so hard to preserve these. Many of these cultures are not as popular nowadays, so we should respect and value our traditions and cultures and do our utmost to preserve them. We are proud to maintain our culture and pass it on to future generations.

We acknowledge that bullying is a problem in Ireland in all its forms ranging from internet bullying to physical bullying. We believe we must protect all of our children from the dangers of bullying, in our schools, communities, clubs and on the internet. We want our children to grow up in a world where they are not constantly influenced by drugs and alcohol. Our guards and courts need to be stricter on drug criminals so that the young people of our nation will have a safe society to grow up in.

We want Ireland to be a place of welcome for all people regardless of religion, race or creed, a place where people can develop to their full potential, both physically and mentally.        
We pledge to look after each other always with the help of God.

Signed on behalf of Scoil Naomh Áine by:

Jessica Sutton, Shane Cullen, Fiona Lyng,  Dylan Moran, Aoife Murphy,

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