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Mobile phone/Electronic Device policy

Plans and Policies
Mobile Phone/Electronic Devices Policy

Introductory Statement
This policy was developed in response to the technological advances which have seen a significant increase in mobile phone usage and hand held electronic gadgets amongst the school population in recent years.

  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices, while a convenience, can cause considerable distraction in school
  • Mobile phones may be used in bullying campaigns
  • The mishandling of mobile phones/electronic devices is not always conducive to a safe and secure school environment
  • The use of mobile phones may be necessary to enable parents/pupil communication on the commute to or from school
  • The use of mobile phones may be necessary to enable parent/pupil communication while on out of school activities, with teachers permission

Urgent messages for pupils during the school day can be delivered through the school office on 051-424779

The following regulations apply to pupils bringing mobile phones to school:

1     Mobile phones/electronic devices must be turned off before entering the school grounds.
2      Mobile phones/electronic devices may not be used in school or on the school grounds.
3      A child who brings a mobile phone/electronic device to school must present it to his/her class teacher, with written permission from his/her parent/guardian to have the phone in school, immediately on entering the classroom.
4     The mobile phone/electronic device will be returned to the pupil at home time.
5     If pupils use mobile phones/electronic devices in school, without permission from the teacher, the phone/device will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian only.
6     Every mobile phone/electronic device must be labelled with the child’s name.
7     Pupils may not switch his/her phone on until he/she is outside the school grounds unless he/she is given permission from a teacher to do so.
8     On occasions where pupils have permission to bring mobile phones/electronic devices to school related activities, outside the school grounds, school rules still apply. Phones remain switched off until the teacher gives permission to do otherwise.
9      Mobile phones/electronic devices should not be used on the bus unless, for a specific reason, the teacher has given permission to do so.
10    Rules for the use of mobile phones/electronic devices will be explained to the relevant classes.
11    The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged mobile phones/electronic devices.

The following regulations apply to staff use of mobile phones:

Staff may bring mobile phones to school but their use will be discrete and phones will be turned to silent.
Staff personal calls and texts are normally confined to break times
In cases of emergency, staff may use their mobile phones

School phone:
A school mobile phone is available for use by teachers for school tours and outings. This will also be the only device used for taking pictures of children and uploading to school website, twitter etc

A selection of school ipods and ipads are available for use by the pupils under the supervision of teachers. Downloading of Apps is restricted to teachers using a school account/password.

Roles and Responsibilities
All staff members are responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Evaluation and Review
This policy will be monitored on an ongoing basis and amendments added as new technology comes on stream. The policy will be reviewed in 2023 or earlier if required.

This Policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Scoil Naomh Áine.
 12 th June 2018

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