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Junior Infants Ms Dunne

Exceptional closure work for children > Class work for 18th - 20th March

In case of school closure
Junior Infant Activities

Letter sound practise
Tricky words & Word boxes
Word hunt – eg find ‘the’ in the story/sentence
Make a tricky/CVC word using letter cards
                 Blending word box words
Phonics work sheets on tricky words and blending
Reading- word lists, tricky words
Oral language books –describe the scene/character, make up a story.
Measure: Full / empty
               Longer / shorter
        Make Patterns
        Making sets of 1-5
Simple Maths problems- preparing meals-how many plates/glasses/forks do we need? Gather the Ingredients we need- how many eggs? Can you find them for me-etc.
Naming things around the house
Short phrases as Gaeilge.
Weather as Gaeilge

Practise writing letters and number with correct formation
Practise writing our name
Neat Mindful colouring
Looking for signs of spring
Describe Weather today
Looking at old photos
talk about change, family, growing and changing
Give a sense of Responsibility through having jobs around the house- loading dishwasher/washing machine, sorting clothes, pairing socks, making bed, tidying toys etc.

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