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Fifth class booklist

Booklists for 2022
5th Class
Booklist 2021-2022

Books provided on the Book Rental Scheme (not to be purchased)
English: Over The Moon ‘Out Of This World’ Reader
Class Novels
Maths: Planet Maths 5th Class
SESE: Geography/Science -Folens Explorers-5th Class
History -Folens Explorers-5th Class

Books/Items to be purchased by Parents/Guardians
English: Over The Moon Skills Book 5th Class
Gaeilge: Abair Liom G (Rang 5)
Fuaimeanna agus Focail Rang 5
Irish Grammar and Verb Glance Card (An Gúm)
Atlas (retain from 4th class)
Irish dictionary (retain from 4th class)
English dictionary - Oxford School Dictionary (Edco)
Music folder with plastic pockets and D tin whistle (retain from 4th class)
A4 scrapbook (retain from 4th class)
Calculator, protractor, compass
A4 mesh zip lock folder x3
A4 pad (lined)
Packet of slim whiteboard markers and a whiteboard
30cm ruler, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, red biros, colouring pencils/crayons, pritt sticks x2, scissors
10 X 88 page copies
A4 Maths copy (squared)
A6 hardback notebook
Payable to the school in September
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