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Critical Incident Policy


Scoil Naomh Áine, Rathgarogue, New Ross, Co. Wexford   

Critical Incident Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Scoil Naomh Áine aims to protect the wellbeing of its students and staff by providing a safe and nurturing environment at all times. The Critical Incident Management team has drawn up a critical incident management plan as one element of the school’s policies and plans.


The staff and management of Scoil Naomh Áine recognise a critical incident to be "an incident or sequence of events that overwhelms the normal coping mechanism of the school". Critical incidents may involve one or more students or staff members, or members of our local community. Types of incident might include:
The death of a member of the school community through accident, violence, suicide or suspected suicide or other unexpected death
An intrusion into the school
An accident involving members of the school community
An accident/tragedy in the wider community
Serious damage to the school building through fire, flood, vandalism etc
The disappearance of a member of the school community


The aim of the Critical Incident Management Plan is to help school management and staff to react quickly and effectively in the event of an incident, to enable us to maintain a sense of control and to ensure that the appropriate support is offered to students and staff. Having a good plan should also help ensure that the adverse effects on the students and staff will be limited. It should enable us to ensure a return to normality as soon as possible.


Physical Safety of pupils, staff and visitors is highlighted under the following policies
Health and Safety Plan
Child Protection Policy
Fire Drill and Evacuation Policy
Supervision Policy
Code of Behaviour
Anti-Bullying Policy


The staff and management of Scoil Naomh Aine aim to use available programmes and resources to address the personal and social development of students, to enhance a sense of safety and security in the school and to provide opportunities for reflection and discussion. SPHE provides an appropriate platform on which to base this learning and discussion.
The staff has received and are familiar with the Child Protection Policy. This Policy provides advice on issues of child protection and actions which should be taken should a concern arise.
Scoil Naomh Áine links closely with NEPS and the services it provides in relation to child safety.
Scoil Naomh Aine has a clear policy on bullying and deals with bullying in accordance with this policy.
Our 6 th class team up with our Junior Infants in the "Cairde" programme.
The staff is aware of the counselling services provided by Carecall.
A number of teachers have received training in "Friends for Life" and "Zippy’s Friends".


A Critical Incident Management Team has been established in line with best practice. The members of the team were selected on a voluntary basis.


Anne-Marie O Neill
Alerts the team members to the crisis and convenes a meeting
Coordinates the tasks of the team
Liaises with the BOM, DES, NEPS,
Liaises with the bereaved family (with Fr. Seán)
Liaises with staff


Deputy Principal – contacts Ambulance / Gardaí / Fire Brigade as necessary
With Anne-Marie O’ Neill liaises with the staff


Fr. Seán & Anne-Marie O’ Neill

Anne-Marie O’ Neill/ Kay Grace/Colette Cleary/Sandra D’Alton
Maintenance of up to date telephone numbers of Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Emergency Services
Takes telephone calls and notes those that need to be responded to
Prepares and sends out letters and e-mails
Photocopies materials required
Maintains records
Colette will contact NEPS Anna Marie Cullen 0539165150 / 0539143300 or NEPS 018892487


In the event of an incident each member of the team will keep records of phone calls made and received, letters sent and received, meetings held, persons met, interventions used.
Sandra D’Alton will have a key role in receiving and logging telephone calls, sending letters, photocopying materials etc,

The Deputy Principal, Elaine O’ Connor, will set up a Critical Incident Book in which all records of phone calls made and received, meetings held, letters received and sent, persons met and interventions used will be noted.
Jobs assigned to team members will be listed in the book and followed up on daily or at each meeting and progress will be noted.

This Policy was drawn up by the In School Management Team and ratified by the Board of Management on 20/06/2012. The policy was reviewed in February 2015 and September 2016.

 Chairperson, Board of Management      September 2016


Team Leader:             Anne-Marie O’ Neill   0876956987
Emergency Services Contact & Critical Incident Book:   Elaine O’ Connor   0876430253
Media Liaison:           Fr. Seán Devereux   0879257880
Administrators:        Kay Grace    0879305515
                                   Colette Cleary    0877537113
                                   Sandra D’Alton    0877999455

Short Term Actions

  • Gather Accurate Information – Who, What, When, Where

  • Convene a meeting of Critical Incident Management Team

  • Contact External Agencies  NEPS 018892487 Anna Marie Cullen 0539165150/0539143300

  • Arrange supervision of students as necessary

  • Hold staff meeting inviting ALL staff

  • Inform pupils – (close friends and students with learning difficulties may need to be told separately)

  • Compile a list of vulnerable pupils

  • Anne-Marie O’ Neill and Fr. Seán Devereux visit the bereaved family

  • Prepare and agree media statements and deal with media

  • Inform parents

  • Hold end of day staff briefing

Medium Term Actions (Day 2 and following days)

  • Convene a Critical Incident Management Team Meeting to review the events of Day 1

  • Meet external agencies – NEPS

  • Meet whole staff

  • Arrange support for pupils, staff and parents

  • Visit injured parties

  • Liaise with bereaved family regarding funeral arrangements

  • Agree on attendance and participation at funeral service

  • Board of Management – make decision about school closure

Follow-Up (Beyond 72 hours)

  • Monitor students for signs of continuing distress (Class teacher)

  • Liaise with agencies regarding referrals

  • Plan for return of bereaved students

  • Plan for giving of "Memory  Box" to bereaved family

  • Decide on memorials and anniversaries

  • Review response to incident and amend plan (Board of Management, Critical Incident Management Team and Staff)

In the event of a crisis situation, critical incident or school tragedy call IPPN at: 1890  21  22  23


AGENCY                                        CONTACT NUMBER
GARDA NEW ROSS                    051-421204
FIRE STATION NEW ROSS         051-421777
CARE DOC (Out Of Hours)       1850 334999
O’ Bernie Michael                     051-420300
Northgate Practice                   051-421250
Terry Rogers                               051-421997
DES                                              01-8734700
INTO                                            01-8722533
IPPN                                            1890-212223
NEPS Anna Marie Cullen 053-9165150 / 053-9143300 or NEPS 01-8892487
NÓIRÍN BAMBURY Department of Education and Skill School Inspector                  087-2509785
CARECALL for Teachers and Special Needs Assistants                                                   1800-411057
Poison Information                   01-8092166

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