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Creative Challenges

Exceptional closure work for children

Creative Challenges - A guide to getting creative at home during COVID-19 from Creative Schools

Making Short videos
Devise, create and perform a dramatic news report about the current situation. Use props, costumes and different locations around your house. Be as creative as you like. You can even cast siblings in various roles.

Create and edit a short video about hand washing and social distancing. Use humour and music to get the message across.

Take some interesting and creative photographs documenting your experience of this time. Photograph objects in your house or nature on a short walk.
Create a Triptych - a series of 3 photos that are related to each other.

Visual Arts and crafts
Create junk art sculptures from items in the house recycling bin with lots of sensory textures.
Paint a picture.
Look up images of virus patterns and design your own science picture.
Use Youtube to master a new crafting or making skill - knitting, slime, sweing, loom bands.

Poetry, song, rap
Write a poem or rhyme about what is going on and perform it.
Create and perform a rap using a beat to keep time.
Change the lyrics to a pop song to make a song for the current situation.

Digital Content
Are you the next Ryan Tubridy? Create a short 'radio' slip or a clip for a podcast.
Is there someone interesting in your house to interview? Or use your drama skills to pretend.

Lego Story boards
Use your lego, playmobil or small toys to create scenes and situations. Set up the scene and take a picture of it. Put the scenes or pictures together to form a story board or short comic with a plot.

Creative Writing

Do you have an idea for a short story or movie idea arising from this interesting time. Some great creative writing has come from thinking imaginatively about unusual situations. You are living through history. A diary entry..... a story..... a film idea? Write it down or speak it out.

Fashion design
Raid your family wardrobes to creat styles and costumes with differnt fabrics and pieces. Team them together and perform a sitting room fashion show.

Become a creative critic.

Did you know while at home families will be consuming more creativity than ever bofore? TV shows, movies, youtube videos. Use this time to keep a list of all the times you were an audience member during this time.Write or recored a review of y our favourite thing to see. Soe theatre groups are making their shows available online. Check out BRANAR and enjoy the show.

Laughter is very important during difficult times. If you have an idea for a comedy sketch, or some jokes about the reality of life without school and being at home with your family? Create comedy and record it.

Your own ideas
We know that noone is more creative than you. If you have your own idea for being creative and making art at home just go for it.

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