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Arrival and Dismissal Policy


Scoil Naomh Áine, Rathgarogue, New Ross, Co. Wexford     
 Arrival and Dismissal of Pupils Policy

  Arrival and Dismissal of Pupils

Under the Provisions of the Education Act 1998, and the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills, the Board of Management is the body charged with the direct governance of a school.
The overall responsibility for the day to day management of school supervision rests with the Principal teacher.

Circular 18/03: "Rules 121(4) and 124(1) of the Rules for National Schools and Section 23(2) of the Education Act 1998 oblige teachers to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of pupils and to participate in supervising pupils when the pupils are on school premises, during school time and/or on school activities. Accordingly, the responsibility of all teachers individually and collectively to provide a duty of care at all times towards the children in the school in which they teach, including periods of supervision, is not changed."

All schools must take reasonable care for the safety of pupils when the pupils are under their charge. This applies not only to periods during break or playtime but also to the periods between the pupils' arrival at school and the start of the school day and from dismissal in the afternoon until, for example, the school bus leaves.

Arrival Procedure

  • The official staring time of school is 9.20am each day.

  • Pupils are welcome to arrive in school from 9:10am onwards. Pupils shall leave their school bag in their allocated class line and proceed to the back of the school where teachers and SNAs will be present to supervise. The Supervision Rota is developed by the school principal at the beginning of each school year.

  • When the bell rings at 9:20am, pupils walk to their class line on the basketball court and will be collected from the yard by their class teacher.

  • If a class teacher is absent, a special education teacher will collect the pupils from the yard.  

  • The new Junior Infants may be accompanied by a parent into the school for the first week in September to help them settle into their new environment. For the second week, parents can wait on the basketball court with the pupils. After this, parents are encouraged to say goodbye to the pupils at the line and the Junior Infant pupils can join the teachers at the back of the school.

Dismissal Procedure

  • The school day finishes for Junior Infants and Senior Infants at 2pm.

  • The Junior Infant teacher will accompany the class to the benches at the side of the basketball court. Children will say indicate to the teacher who is bringing them home.  The parents/guardians or a nominated collector will collect the child.

  •  The Senior Infant teacher will accompany the class to the hill area at the back of the basketball court. Children will say indicate to the teacher who is bringing them home.  The parents/guardians or a nominated collector will collect the child.

  • The "Bus Bell" will ring at 2:57pm. All pupils travelling on the "big bus" will exit the school and line up at the gate.   A teacher will supervise the pupils boarding the bus. Pupils travelling on the "small bus" will exit the school at 2:57pm also and line up behind those boarding the "big bus".

  • When the "big bus" departs, and the "small bus" is parked safely at the gate, the teacher will supervise the pupils boarding the bus.

  • The principal will prepare a supervision rota for the teachers.

  • The remainder of the pupils will exit the school at 3.00pm when the bell rings.

  • Parents/Guardians will walk to the school gate to collect their child/children. Pupils will remain inside the school gate and indicate to the teachers who they will leave with.

  •  Teachers will remain at the school gate until 3:10pm to supervise pupils, after which time teachers and pupils yet to be collected will wait inside the main door of the school.

  • Children may only be collected by a parent/guardian or other nominated person.

  • Where a child is going home from school with a different adult, the parent/guardian must write a note to the class teacher or in emergencies phone the school office to inform school management of same.

Parents can support the safe Arrival and Dismissal of pupils by:

  • parking responsibly

  • collecting younger children from the rear of the school

  • ensuring children are not dropped at the school too early or collected too late

Early closures

  • On occasion, the school day will finish early for pupils.

  • Traditionally, the school day finishes at 12 noon on the day before the Christmas holidays and the day before the Summer holidays.

  • The school day will finish early for pupils to facilitate staff meetings one day each term. Pupils will leave school at 1:45pm (Infants and siblings), the bus departs at 1:50pm and all other pupils will leave school at 1:55pm.

  • The Department of Education and Skills may also from time to time instruct schools to close early to facilitate staff training.

  • On days where pupils are away from school on outings or school tours, their arrival and dismissal times may vary. Parents will be informed in advance of any changes to arrival and dismissal times.

Please note
Supervision begins at 9:10am. The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for pupils before 9:10am and pupils should not be on the school premises before this time.

Ratification and Review
This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on 7 th March 2018.
This policy will be reviewed in 2021 or earlier should the need arise.

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