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Active School Flag


This year we are hoping to renew our Active School Flag. We have chosen a school committee with two class representatives from first class to sixth. And are ready to get our flag.

There are four areas that we are required to fulfil to achieve the flag. They are
1  Physical Education, 2  Physical Activity, 3 Partnerships, 4 Active School Week.

Left: classes doing  Yoga with Amanda Nugent.
Right: Cycling with Sheilbaggin Outdoor pursuits.

Our Current Active School's Committee
First class: Senan Culleton, Niamh O'Rourke
Second class: Hugh Miller, Siofra Culleton
Third class: Max Murphy, Aoife O'Connor
Fourth class: Abbey Jordan, Finn Ryan
Fifth class: Michael O Rourke, Katelyn Gaffney
Sixth class: Cael Colfer, Aoife Ling
Teachers: Karen Murphy and Anne Marie O'Neill

Every class has a role to play on the Committee. First class are responsible for picking the active line activity to be done daily just after  little break. Second class collate the kilometres that are run every Wednesday. Third class distribute and collect the Active Flag suggestion boxes. Fourth class will Inform our school of our chosen Active School Slogan and create displays around the school. Fifth class are  responsibile for leading the Active Line Activities daily and are also responsible  for a survey about 'What club you are in?' Sixth class are  responsible for building an abstacle course for Active School Week.

There are many partnerships with the wider community and our school. The local GAA club is probably the one most linked with our school. Many of the pupils are members of Rathgarogue-Cushinstown GAA.  The GAA coaches are going to help with a lunchtime league for the senior children over the coming weeks. Bad weather put paid to it before Easter but with brighter days ahead it will begin. GAA Hurling Coaching has already begun on Mondays and will run till the end of June.  

Sheilbaggin Outdoor Adventure Centre is coming to the school to do a a cycle right programme for 5 weeks. An Taisce have provided some funding for this. It will be for the senior pupils.

The pupils of 3rd and 4th class are  visiting  The Apex in New Ross for their swimming lessons every week to fulfil their PE Requirements.

Abovet: using the Dance Mats was lots of fun and right:  taking part in our active school lines at little break.

Fifth class members carried out a school survey around the whole school asking ' What clubs are you in?'

These are the results they found.


Survey:What club are you in?
School totals:
Soccer                    86
Hurling & Football  97
Handball                 12
Dance Athletics     34
Horse-riding            10
Swimming               61
Music                       29
Basketball                 9
Rugby                       8
Tennis                        9
Drama                    12
Gymnastics            20
Scouts                       3

Boxing                      5
Yoga                        2
Tae-kwon-do           5
Kickboxing               3
Karate                       1
Badminton                1
Racquetball             7
Golf                           1
Rowing                      1
Archery                     1

Right and Left : Having fun at GAA time
Below : Orienteering indoors and nature trails outdoors

Physical Activity

In  Scoil Naomh Áine we have implemented some initiatives to promote  extra physical activity.  Every day our Children have two breaks outside unless it is raining.  During this time children are encouraged to play team sports such as football on our lovely green pitches. Every class has a large container of playground equipment for those who prefer to play other games. All  classes have a selection of soft small balls that they can use for throwing, piggy in the middle or catch. The  have scoops that they can use to pass smaller balls to each other. Skipping ropes are a favourite with all classes where they can skip on their own or in groups. Small tennis bats are also used with small balls especially by the junior classes.

5th class act as our playground leaders after  little break time. The children line up in their class lines and 5th class  lead the active lines so the other children know what they are supposed to do. So it might be 10 reps of twists, followed by 10 reps of squats, 10 jumping jacks etc..

On Wednesdays every class runs 1km. The distance they have run is calculated and totted up. So far the school has run from  Wexford to Calais in France.

Left: Active Stations

Active Schools Week 23rd April to 27 th April
Active Schools week is nearly here and promises to be an action packed week of many activities ranging from GAA, Orienteering, Swimming, Cycling, to Yoga and Dance. The timetable is to be as follows:

Monday: Morning Walk around the school and GAA for the classes for the rest of the day.
Tuesday: Morning Dance and Active Songs and Orienteering and Nature Hunts in the afternoon.
Wednesday: 10 @10 followed by Cycling for 5th and 6th. 3rd and 4th will go Swimming and there will be a run also for everyone.
Thursday: Yoga in the morning and stations in the afternoon. Children will swap yard for the day too.
Friday: Dance in the morning and Obstacle course in the afternoon. Juniors up to 2nd class will go to the playground.

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