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Exceptional closure work for children > Work for week 18th - 22nd May

6th class work for week beginning Monday May18th

Hi Guys it's the start of another week and you've been doing great so far so let's try to keep going. Great to see some fantastic pics coming in to our twitter page of people out walking. Keep it up. This fortnight's creative theme for the whole school is our skills and talents. So if you like post pictures or video of your skills and talents on our twitter page .Have a great week.


Maths continuing with money and looking at V.A.T. or value added tax. We calculate this using our percentages. In our example we have a TV costing €150 and we need to calculate tax at 20%. So 20% is 1/5 to get 1/5 we divide by 5.150÷5= 30. So because it's a tax we add it back to our original price so 150+30=€180. Now try A and B. Remember 15%=3/20

English- a revision from last week BE P83- A,B, C

History  a short video on Trench warfare for you to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8HmPNgOC2Q. Then on SeeSaw a reading piece on this topic with some activities.


Maths- Currency exchange. Simple rule here is if you're going on holiday(changing from Euro to another currency) you multiply by the exchange rate and if you're returning home (changing from another currency to Euro) you divide. The exchange rate is the value other currencies have in Euro. So if we look at the blue box at the top of P134 we see the Euro is worth 80p Sterling or 1.25 Us dollars. We can use our calculators for this. So looking at A no1- €10 to Sterling would be 10x0.80=£8(8 pounds sterling) Try A and B P 134

- Read P106 Ag Sciáil san Iodáil I'll pop up a Seesaw activity of me reading it as well. Try A p104  also

- Read P84  about Biographies do A.


Maths - Test yourself day on Money- Do A and B on P135

English- Read the poem Rats P 85 some interesting use of words in this poem. Then try B P85 to match the meanings to words in the poem. And finally the Imagine draw section C P85- (Send me pictures)

History -Map activity on World War 1 in Seesaw


Maths- We're starting to look at Directed numbers which is just another way of saying positive and negative numbers. Look at B draw a number line from -10 to + 10(B P137 has an example). Then mark in the numbers. In B2 using the number count how many steps are between the numbers
e.g. from+2 to +5= 3 steps -2 to +3= 5 steps. next see if you can try C

Gaeilge- read P107 B go B( I'll record myself reading it on Seesaw too) . Put these words into good sentences (1)ar saoire,(2)bialann, (3)ag sciáil, (4)neirbhíseach(nervous),5.síntéan(stretcher)

English -Vocabulary activity on Seesaw


Finish off anything left to do

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