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Exceptional closure work for children > Work for week 11th - 15th May

Work for week May 11th

Hi, off we go on another week  guys. Some fabulous pictures coming in from families throughout the school  on twitter on  the rainbow theme. Keep an eye on Seesaw for assignments during the week. I'll post maths answers as usual Thursday evening for you to check. Have a great week


P 81 B list of adjectives that best describe the sky- be creative and imaginative.
P.82 A Similes - can you explain what they mean. Can you find out what a simile is?
P124- A -a revision of some topics we've covered. Find out what the words probable and improbable mean
Gaeilge- SeeSaw activity- Ar Bia-


Moving on to money Look at B page 131. Estimate the bills by rounding to the nearest Euro. Then estimate your change. Next  actually add up the bill and then find your real change . That's 4 calculations per bill
take a look at World War I- read  through the National Geographic site
https://www.natgeokids.com/ie/discover/history/general-history/first-world-war/. Take your time reading. Write down 10 facts you've learned. (2 day activity)
piece to read from SeeSaw- answer the questions


continue work from yesterday
Calculator work P131 C and D. Record your answers in your copy- make sure to label them correctly
Creative time- write a short poem on the theme of The Sky-There are many options you could do- the night sky, the sky during the day, things that use the sky-kites, hot air balloons etc. The possibilities are endless. Send me a picture of  your final poem. Have fun


Gaeilge -
Reading activity P140  B go B- read the poem -Dán na  Briathair neamhrialta in the 3 tenses
P132 Better value for money- read the instructions in the blue box-  We're told the cost of one item sold singly 64c then the main idea is to get the cost of one item in a multipack- we divide- so 6 pack of crisps cost €3.60- One pack costs€3.60÷6= 60 c. Subtract your two answers to find the difference 64c-60c= 4c Now try A  P132
word work from BE P82 B and Teaser time E


Try finish up any work you have left

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