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Work for week Wednesday June 3rd 6th class

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and we have another short week this week. Try your best with the activities as we're nearly finished. Don't forget the theme for this fortnight is creating and construction so have a go and post your creations on twitter or send photos to me. I've posted off our donations from our Confirmation to our two chosen charities The Irish cancer Society and Dogs for the Disabled. Well done on being so generous. Have a great week.

Maths P139 have a look at B and answer the questions. A really good idea here is to draw yourself a little picture. See how you get on. For revision Try P140 A, B No1 and D
Geography- Learn about Tsunami SeeSaw activity
English-Plural and singular-Singular means 1 thing like a dog and plural  means more than one so- dogs- mainly we add an s but there are exceptions. Check out the box at the top of B.E. P88 and then try A and B

English Read the story The Sparkle of Arkle P.89. Write 10 points that would summarise the article.
Maths P.141 The Circle- Revise the parts of the circle, circumference, radius, diameter, quadrant, arc, segment tangent by watching the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KC3AhyhefQ,  draw a diagram marking all in the parts. The  diameter is twice the radius -so If R=5cm D=10cm.The opposite is also true the radius is half the diameter so if D=14cm R=7cm Now try P141 B,C,D
Gaeilge  Seesaw activity

Finish off anything left to do
Try Seesaw activity on Name  poem.

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