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5th class Science Day


On Tuesday 23rd  June 5th class did Science experiments. My Science experiment was bubbles. It worked out great. I made a bubble mixture and blew bubbles out of a straw. You can make anything in bubbles when you think about it. Don't forget to use food colouring. You should try it out and have lots of fun.

By Natasha Kelly

Our group made slime using cornflour, water and a bit of food colouring. We mixed them all together and it turned pink. When you applied force the mix would feel solid but then you touched it slowly it would feel like a liquid.

By Jessics, Jemma, Caoimhe, Katie and Fiona.

For our first Science project we made a bouncy egg. First we put a plain egg in white vinegar. We had to leave it in the vinegar for two days. When the two days were over, we took the egg out. The egg was grey. When we took it out it cracked so unfortunately it didn't work.

By Hannah and Ailídh

Lots of us made our own experiments. there were some like blowing bubbles, bouncy egg, a rocket and I did one with a candle and bottle. You light the candle and blow at the bottle when its beside the candle.

By Dylan

We did a coke and mentos experiments. We also did it with Fanta and 7up. When we put mentos into these drinks 7up was the fastest to explode.

by Tom and Mark

We did lots of experiments in front of the class. We did a milk and food colouring experiment. We put four food colourings on a plate of milk and put washing up liquid in it.

By Ewan and Aaron

We did a walking on water experiment. We got 5 cups and put water in them and put food colouringin  3 of them. We put kitchen paper onto the water in  each cup and it soaks up the colours.

by Eoin and Mark B

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