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5th class Ms S Breen

Exceptional closure work for children > Class work for 18th - 20th March

Activities to do at home – 5 th class Ms S Breen

Scríobh scéal faoi ‘Cad a rinne tú inné?’ – write a story about what you did yesterday
Scríobh biachlár don bhricfeásta, lón agus dinnéar – write out a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Scríobh síos faoi do chaitheamh aimsire: Is maith liom…Is breá liom…Is aoibheann liom…Ní maith liom…Is fuath liom… - write about your hobbies using those phrases

Write a report about an animal
Read a book and write down a prediction, connection and three important points (VIPs)
Play the spelling game ‘Buzz’ with your family

Practise multiplication and division tables, play a game of ‘Shootout’ with your family, play ‘Multiplication War’ using playing cards
Make a list of 2D and 3D shapes found at home
Estimate and measure the length of different objects at home, estimate and measure the weight of different objects at home

Write a diary entry imagining you were a child living during the time of the famine in Ireland
Interview a parent/grandparent/older person and ask them questions about what life was like growing up e.g. school, hobbies, holidays
Find out about an older building in your locality

Write down the counties of Ireland and one town, river or mountain range found in that county
Draw a map of the school grounds
Write down ways in which we can care for the environment and world we live in

Go on a walk outside to identify signs of spring
Investigate what items at home can be recycled
Research and carry out a Science experiment at home

Go for a walk/run/cycle with your family
Create an obstacle course to do with your family
Practise hurling and football skills

Design a poster showing ways in which we can practice good hygiene at home
Write down ways in which we can be a good friend to others
Write down a coping-step plan for something you find challenging

Practise tin whistle songs
Listen to some music to help you relax
Play musical chairs with your family

Play ’10 Second Objects’ with your family
Play a game of ‘Charades’ with your family
Act out a fairytale with your family

Construct something using recyclable materials
Paint/draw a spring picture
Use Lego/bricks to build something

Write down ways in which we can show God’s love
Compose a prayer of your own
Write about what you are trying to do for Lent

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