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4th class Ms K Robinson

Exceptional closure work for children > Class work for 18th - 20th March

Ms. Robinson 4th Class Work for Exceptional Closure

Gach Lá
1. Scríobh amach 3-5 abairtí difriúla faoin aimsir (Write 3-5 sentences about weather each day). Also write out vocabulary to do with the various rooms in the house. Pick a different room or the garden outside each day and write as many words to do with the space as you can, using an online dictionary to help with spellings if needed!
2. Úsaid Gaeilge neamhfhoirimúil i rith an lae timpeall an teach. (Use your spoken Irish as much as possible throughout the day around the house).
3. Féach ar TG4  ar feadh 10 nóimead gach lá (Watch TG4 for 10 minutes each day).

1. Write a creative story or poem about what you would do if you found a Pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow!!
2. Read some of your library book every day.
At the end of a chapter make a list of new words or words you do recognise but could use them more often in your own creative writing!
Also try to use and develop your comprehension skills when reading by making connections, asking questions, picking out important information and illustrating your favourite part of a chapter or story! Record this information in your copy book!
3. Keep a daily diary to recount your time at home!

1.  Shapes: In your home make a list of all 2D shapes you can find throughout your house and garden. Pick 2 2D shapes per day!! See how many you can find!! Eg: circle; semi-circle; square; rectangle; triangle; pentagon; hexagon; heptagon; octagon; nonagon and a decagon.  Find a jig saw at home and try to complete it!
2. Measures: Choose just one of these activities in a day!
Using a ruler or tape, measure the perimeter of various 2D shapes in your home! Draw and record these!
Record how long your favourite programmes are on for each day and record its starting and finishing time!
If you are cooking/baking; help out my measuring out the ingredients using a scales
Create problems based on money: make up the prices of 5 items in your food press and take the total away from €20.00
3.  Write out a different multiplication table each day starting at x2 working up towards x12!! lt  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-buttonis great to practice!!
Get someone at home to listen to you skip count your tables each day and time yourself!! Record your speeds!!!
Also make up some multiplication and division sums to practice your skills each day! Eg when revising x2 complete sample questions such as 34 x 2=   or 34 ÷ 2=  

1. We are learning about The Ancient Romans. Research and record facts about The Romans which could be used as part of a project!
2. Draw a map of your house and garden from a bird's eye view! Label and colour the various areas of the garden using colours.
3. Using websites to help learn and revise lakes, rivers, counties of Ireland
4. Pick a country in the world that you would like to learn more about! Create a fact file on this country listing all important information. Ensure to colour the flag.
5. Look for 10 signs of Spring and record
6. Draw/write about good hygiene/ hand hygiene
7. Use lego/blocks and build a structure of your choice!

1. Helping at home: Complete some household chores such as making your bed; putting dishes in dishwasher; hoovering; dusting; setting the table and record the jobs you do each day!!
2. Design a poster to illustrate Good Hygiene/ Hand Hygiene to others and stick it up in your kitchen!
3. Write a poem/ rap to illustrate Importance of Good Hygiene.

Arts Education
1. Practice music on Tin Whistle.
2. Listen to a piece of music and respond by drawing/ painting a picture.
3. Draw and colour a picture of spring flowers you would find in your garden, eg. daffodils
4. Play a game of charades with your family
5. Based our novel Stanley, write the dialogue for an interview with the main character Stanley. Get one of your family members to act out the scene with you.

1. Go for a run/ walk each day, starting at a running/ walking for 5 - 10 minutes increasing by 1/2 minutes each day.
2. Practice hurling and football skills by hitting ball off a wall that is safe or getting a member of your family to practice with you hitting both left and right. Practice your jab and roll lifts.
3. Make up an obstacle course using equipment you have at home! Make it as fun as possible and be creative!!

1. Write a prayer for your special intentions and decorate.
2. Think about how you can be helpful to your family during lent and carry out some household jobs.
3. Show love to your family and record the different ways you have shown God's love at home!

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