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Exceptional closure work for children > Work for week 11th - 15th May

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all well! I am really happy with the work being done each week. As always feel free to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help in any way!!  We will continue to work on the theme of 'Rainbows' across the school this week! There have been fabulous art pieces coming in so keep up the great efforts!!
Continue to read as much as you can! I can see people who have logged into Epic and all the books you have read!! This class have already read 250 books!! It is amazing! So if you haven't tried Epic yet, let this be the week to give it a go! The Primary Planet or News Flash magazines are a fantastic resource!! Check out the May issue! Just click on the link https://newsmagmedia.ie/Previews.aspx and then click the magazine you wish to read!! You can go back and read previous issues also!! There are hours of reading here!!!!
Stay Active Continue to keep as active as possible throughout the week!!
Be Kind! Showing kindness throughout the week is always appreciated!! This week continue to show kindness to your brothers or sisters and your parents and guardians!! :)

Kind Regards,
Ms. Robinson

Spellings For Me:  
Insert Grid 6 in the box provided. Draw the picture and write a silly sentence followed by LSPCWC.
Scrabble Board
Remember the link below will provide an example of how to complete each activity!
Read At Home (RAH) p.89 Rip and answer questions orally
Sentence work from Spellings For Me!

Tables x9
Capacity: Can you find a container that holds liquid (milk) and check how many ml are in the container.
I would love for you to find a jug or container with ml and measure out various amounts of water.
Try p.157 B Question 1 and 2. All you have to do is use a basin of water and a jug - measure out the various amounts and take one photo of your efforts and post on SeeSaw! You do not need to write in your copy or colour in your book!! Just use a camera to record your efforts!

Inis dom faoin aimsir inniú. Tabhair dom cúpla frásaí faoin aimsir ar SeeSaw. Tell me about the weather today! Say a couple of sentences about the weather and record this for SeeSaw!!
p.114 C Líon na bearnaí 1-5.

Tin Whistle: Try 'Sally Gardens' this for the week. I have attached the music and a reminder of notes for the tin whistle with this email!
I have recorded my version so you can have a listen.  When you are happy, record yourself and send it back on SeeSaw!            https://www.loom.com/share/b4cb2c253a8a4b59b377eaed112c8e88

Spellings For Me:
I have assigned a book on Epic called Researching Rocks. It is linked to our geography work today!  

Tables x 9
Capacity: p.158 A. Draw out the grid. 3/4 containers are plenty!!

Cluiche: Chuaigh mé go dtí an siopa agus cheannaigh mé...... (I went to the shop and I bought....)
Foclóir nua: p.115 D.   Líon na bearnaí Ceist 1-6

All rocks belong to one of three families- igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.
Read Chapter on Rocks p.79-82. Question Time 1-6.
Have a read of the Powerpoint on Rocks in Ireland I am attaching in email! It has some big and new words so get an adult to read it with you!!!
Throughout the week you might have a look at various rocks in your garden and see can you identify the type/name of the rock that has been found.

Spellings For Me:
Grouping Words
Read At Home (RAH) p.90 China  and answer questions orally

Answer the 4 Questions below.... if you cannot remember look it up! Very important you know what each is before doing Spellings For Me Activity!
What is an adjective?
What is a noun?
What is a verb?
What is an adverb?

Tables x 9
Capacity: p.158 D Q 1 and 2 (a-c)

Scéal : Litir ó Aintín Orla - Leigh an scéal. p. 112 and 113 (Can you remember the vocab from last week??)
Le Foghlaim: G (counting people is different to counting!!)
Record yourself counting people to 10 and send on SeeSaw!!

Random Act of Kindness! Show someone in your family a random act of kindness today!! :)

Spellings For Me:  
Letter Strings
The hardest words for me were.....
Better At English Read p.101 Dedalus and Icarus. You do not have to answer these questions in your  copy. Just do them in your head or out loud for an adult! You do not have to record them! :)
Better At English: Compound Words p.100 A 1-8.

Tables x 9
Capacity: p.159 B Q 1-5 (a-c)  https://www.loom.com/share/15c271b0a00a4f01a0bae0c4bee8c11c

p. 116 Foclóir Breise: Oifig an Phoist
p.116  F Líon na bearnaí. Complete story in copy.

Choose an activity such as hurling or basketball or soccer and practice some shooting!!

Spellings For Me:  
Look back over your learning words and ask an adult or sibling to practice with you!!
Read At Home (RAH) p.91  Bully
Answer questions in copy RAH p.91 Q1-5

Tables x 9
Capacity: p.160 A 1-3. (Ms. Robinson's Maths Group)
              p.161 B 1-6 (a) for each only! (This work is for ALL)!

Go back over foclóir G p.117 and D p.115!! Play Cathaoir Té and see how many in a row you can get right!!

May is the Month of Mary. You might like to make a May Alter at Home using flowers from the garden. Say a prayer for all those who miss their families and who are sick!

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