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3rd class

Exceptional closure work for children > work for April 20th - 24th

Working from Home April 20th - 24th  - 3rd class Ms Corcoran and Ms Goggin


  • Put the following verbs into sentences orally and then write them in your copy.

  • Monday: scríobh(wrote)+léigh(read)

  • Tuesday: sheas(stood)  + shuigh(sat)

  • Wednesday: léim(jumped) + d’fhéach(watched)

  • Thursday: chan(sang) + thit(fell)

  • Friday: tharraing(drew) + thomáin(drove)

  • Use the following phrases as much as possible:

  • Ceangail mo iallacha, le do thoil. ( Tie my laces please.)

  • Rinne mé dearmad ar_____. I forgot _____.

  • Bua na Cainte 3: Sa Bhaile pg 107 (Look at the pictures and fill in the words. Write the sentences in your copy. )

  • pg 109; os comhair (in front of) ( Look at the picture, fill in the blanks and write the sentences in your copy.)

  • pg 111 An Seomra Folctha ( Look at the picture, fill in the blanks and write the sentences in your copy.)



  • 6 and 9 times tables multiplication (use hit the button)

  • Master Your Maths 3, Week 25

  • 3rd class: Planet Maths Chapter 18 Multiplication 3 pgs 109, 110 and 111 (A and B)

  • Use the Seesaw activity “Explain your Math: Multiplication” to show examples of multiplication using items from home (cutlery, blocks, balls etc.)

  • Follow the links to activities to practice multiplication

  • https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-3/identify-multiplication-expressions-for-equal-groups

  • https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-3/relate-addition-and-multiplication-for-equal-groups

  • SESEWindow on the World History pg 38 Setanta. Read the story of Setanta and answer any 6 of the questions on page 41. SeeSaw Assignment: choose a passage from Setanta and read aloud, recording yourself. Post onto SeeSawPESee pg 43 of Window on the World History: make up hurling challenges to become a Red Branch Knight.  Ball handling skills: practice ball handling skills-throwing over arm for distance and under arm for height.Pass the ball around your  waist and around your legs in a figure eight.Throwing at a target (a spot on the wall or into a bucket) As you improve, increase the distance you are throwing from. (Count how many times you hit the target or get it into the bucket in 30 seconds)Enjoy doing your favourite activity (hopscotch, skipping, choreograph a dance to your favourite song)Play outsideGo noodle dance, mindfulness or yoga activities :-)S.P.H.E.Think of something nice that you can do for every person in your house this week. Also think of something nice that you can do for yourself :-)ArtDesign a shield for the Red Branch Knights. What details will you include?Design a shield for yourself. Think about how you might want yourself represented.  MusicPractice your tin whistle
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