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2nd/3rd class Ms S Goggin

Exceptional closure work for children > Class work for 18th - 20th March

School Closure Work 2nd/ 3rd Class (Ms. Goggin and Ms. Corcoran)


Try teaching someone at home some new words as Gaeilge
Use as many Irish words/phrases during the day and keep count ( we will compare after the closure!)
Write sentences about yourself as Gaeilge


Book report
Design a book cover
Create a superhero (Draw, describe super powers and write about one of their adventures in a comic strip!)
Create and describe an alien planet and draw it along with the aliens
Read some books
Complete the spellings on http://rathgaroguens.spellingsforme.ie


Hit the button (beat your own record!)
Estimate and measure how much water different containers hold
Find 2D and 3D shapes in your home
Record what time you do different things throughout the day (2nd and 3rd analogue/ 3rd digital time)
Use topmarks.co.uk to play maths games


Design a new mode of transport (with diagrams!)
Go on a walk outside and list as many signs of spring that you can find
Write a report about a country
Find out how something works (e.g. a toaster/dishwasher etc)


Time yourself running a certain number of laps/distance outside and try to beat your own record everyday!
Invent a new ball game and write the rules of this game.
Choreograph a dance to your favourite song


Make something 3D using any materials


Write a recipe for a good friendship
Draw/Write about good hygiene practices/hand hygiene


Practice your tin whistle
Create and draw symbols for a new piece of music using body percussion and household objects

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